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Lightning Collection by Emma Heming-Willis

logo_lightningThe essences of life in three bottles

Now you can get to know a new world: the sparkling fragrance world of the Lightning Collection. Three magical and emotional fragrances decorated with crystals from Swarovski ® represent the sparkles of bright moments and facets of life. Our LR Star Emma Heming-Willis presents three different emotions, captured in three precious bottles.




Inspired by the beautiful and multi-faceted personality of Emma Heming-Willis the Lightning Collection was developed in collaboration with LR. Each of the three fragrances, Essence of Marine, Essence of Rose and Essence of Amber, represent an individual emotion one can immediately feel.




Dive into the sparkling and multi-faceted world of Emma.

lr-lightning-marine-225x300Essence of Marine


The top note starts fresh and clear with the essences of bergamot, lemon and aquatic accords. At the heart note one can smell pepper, lily of the valley and ylang ylang. The base note is combined with cedar, musk and sandalwood.

lr-lightning-rose-225x300Essence of Rose


The top note represents a refreshingly fruity interaction with a hint of jasmine. The elegant heart note combines rose, spicy and powdery essences. Musk, sweet and oriental accords in the base note give a splash of sensuality.

lr-lightning-amber-225x300Essence of Amber


The fruity top note with bergamot, mandarin and cherry seduces the senses. Orange blossom, rose and iris represent the middle note. The warmer base smells like tonka bean, vanilla and patchouli.

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